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St. Peter

The dominant feature of St. Peter is its monumental baroque church with its two towers and the former monastery buildings including the famous rococo library.

St. Peter invites you to hiking, biking or nordic-walking on well-marked pathes of about 200 km, to guided discovery walking tours, to the “Patrozinium” (a celebration held once a year in honour of the patron of this village: Holy Peter), to the “Traditional Black Forest Culture Days” with regional craftsmen skill presentations, to the yearly “Music Festival” (a series of classical concerts), to the organ concerts on Sundays in midsummer and lots of spa concerts. Moreover, this hospitable Black Forest spot offers a special children´s programme in summer, horseback riding, coach tours, a bike hire service, the “Musicosophia” (a school that trains the listening skills of music fans), an indoor swimming pool, fishing facilities, skiing alpine and nordic and … last but not least … well-known regional culinary delicacies!

A stay in St. Peter is a fascinating experience to everybody. Here you meet a great number of different accommodation facilities, such as hotels or holiday flats, boarding houses, farm houses or the beautiful camping site.
In St. Peter you´ll certainly find what you´re looking for!

St. Peter (700 to 1200 m above sea level) is a state-approved climatic health resort, situated on a plateau at the southern slope of the Kandel mountain.